Ramsey agrees to cancel Juve’s contract for €4 million

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Unplanned Juventus midfielder Aaron Ramsey is willing to leave head coach Max Allegri ahead of the 2022 pre-season. With the club paying a minimum of $4 million to cancel his final year’s contract. The Euro is ready, whichever way it is.

According to Il Bianconero, Ramsey is not in the plans for Allegri, prompting the team to seek a possible elimination after his loan at Rangers FC expired and the Europa League runners -up declined . buy option ufabet.

The next step is for the two sides to negotiate the termination of the remaining contract until June 2023. With the Welshman demanding 4 million euros. But the ‘ Bianconeri ‘ only offered a maximum of 2 million euros , so they are still negotiable.

Since Ramsey joined as a free agent from Arsenal in the summer of 2019 , he has never intervened in the starting line-up. Only 70 games were played in the official game, scoring 6 goals , providing six assists.  

In the event of a successful termination of the contract , Aaron ‘s next station chooses two ways, namely following Gareth Bale, the Welsh team to Cardiff City, the English National League level , or Fatih Karagurug, a club in the Turkish Super League that has Andrea Pirlo, the old cousin of ‘ Juve ‘ , is the head coach.